Hey, I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying some great food and drink during these warmer, longer days! I want to share my 3 favorite restaurants that I have visited recently.

While visiting Nashville, I went all out southern! I checked out Holler & Dash Biscuit House, which I’ve read a lot about; it’s Cracker Barrel’s fast casual concept. You would have no idea that H&D is associated with Cracker Barrel from the digital menu boards to the colorful murals in the dining room. Then, my local friend George Green encouraged me to visit  Biscuit Love, a local three unit, wife-and-husband brand. Biscuit Love blew me away with its elevation of the Biscuit, its warm southern hospitality, its commitment to the community and those-in-need, and their amazing Biscuit French Toast with Lemon Mascarpone and Blueberry compote. Biscuit Love is a differentiated brand with a strong story and purpose, and obviously a favorite in the community

Biscuit Love Restaurant

Next Door American Eatery has become one of my go-to spots in Denver.  Started by the Founders of The Kitchen, Next Door is their expansion model – delivering affordable, “elevated” food, locally sourced. Food quality is excellent with vegetable-centric as well as carnivore-centric dishes. The bar is the center of the 3500-4000 sq. foot gathering spot, and there is a fun, urban, and younger vibe. I think this brand gives us a view into the next generation of casual dining.

Next Door Restaurant

Finally, I have been wanting to see Flower Child – the 11 unit (with 8 more opening soon!) fast casual brand invented by Sam Fox and recently purchased by Cheesecake Factory.Sandy and I  stopped into the location in Santa Monica, which is shown here. As you might expect, the restaurant does have symbolic touches of the 1960’s in it’s décor and menu, but overall, it is contemporary and not “theme” driven. Their mantra “Healthy Food for a Happy World” is not front-and-center…but vegetables are the focus, and protein is treated as optional. Eggplant, beets, and cabbage never looked so good! Shown here is a plate of three veggies/fruit and a “side” of grass-fed steak. (Santa Monica pictures are in the top row; the bottom row are from the press release for yesterday’s Grand Opening in Boulder.)

Flower Child Restaurant

All three of these brands offer something to learn and have great growth potential.

What cool restaurants should I try next? Message or comment your top picks!


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