How We Work

Part-time CMO

For up-and-coming concepts, who need CMO thinking, but either do not require it every day, or are not prepared to assume the cost of someone full-time.


We work for the CMO to ensure a key initiative(s) is thoroughly evaluated, planned, and then executed flawlessly.

Interim CMO Solution

We work with the CEO and management team to maintain momentum and serve until a full-time replacement is on-board.

Special Projects

With extensive experience and a large network of partners, we problem-solve and tackle specific projects and areas of opportunity needed to propel your restaurant forward.

The Process

Founded by Neil Culbertson, Growth Partners is a unique business development consulting firm focused on partnering with restaurant companies to grow to the next level of sales and profits. We provide:




We achieve this for clients through a strategic process learned in Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies and Top 100 restaurant chains.

Most often, we work with your existing marketing partners. On occasion, we do propose bringing in a seasoned, talented professional(s) whom we know to strengthen the team towards accomplishing our objectives. Whether your restaurant concept has 5 locations or 5000, our approach is a proven success!


  • Over 25 years in Marketing
    – 10 years Consumer Packaged Goods
    – 15+ years Restaurants
  • 2003 – Founded Growth Partners, LLC
  • Consulted on over 25 well-known restaurant brands



What Our Clients Say...

“Neil played an important role in our explosive growth at Red Robin. I highly recommend Neil to anyone looking for a consummate professional who understands what it takes to win market share.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Neil in two different companies over the past 12 years. He always brings great resources and urgency to the task, adding value we could not get elsewhere. He is efficient with my time and his, making for a great consulting relationship. I highly recommend him.”

“Neil is one the very best marketers with whom I have worked. He has a great understanding of the restaurant business, creative and outstanding in working with senior management teams and marketing departments…. He is not your usual and customary consultant—he establishes himself as part of the organization and leadership team.”

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas

CEO, Fatz Café

“I had the pleasure of working with Neil over several months at Quizno’s Subs. He was instrumental in providing great strategic insights, and marketing leadership to help guide the brand during challenging times. In addition, he has a real strength in forging strong relationships with others.”

Our Blog

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